Inductively heated embossing cylinders

In cooperation with Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH, gs-engineering consulting GmbH has succeeded in developing an innovative hot stamping cylinder. Kendrion Kuhnke was able to support with their know-how in the development and production of industrial automation components as well as inductive heating systems and supplies the electronic components and the inductor.

Efficiency and safety
The efficient and easy-to-operate system replaces conventional oil-heated applications and reduces maintenance costs to a minimum by eliminating expensive rotary inlets, couplings, hoses, and so on. Maximum operator safety and cleanliness are further advantages of the oil-free system.

Further advantages

  • Precise and dynamic temperature control of the individual heating zones
  • Up to 6 heating zones per generator
  • Outputs of up to 1.5 kW per zone possible
  • Very short heating time
  • Temperature measurement on the jacket surface of the heating cylinder at up to four measuring points
  • Low heat losses
  • High efficiency

Mechanical interface
The inductive hot stamping cylinder is provided with the appropriate sliding blocks for inclusion in your system.

Electrical interface / control
We supply our system complete with an electrical control cabinet with integrated control. Alternatively, the components can be integrated into an existing control system via the existing interfaces. Please contact us for further information.

Heating-up of a stamping cylinder Ø 85 mm

Temperature measurement: 4 x PT 1000, mounted in the shell for as close as possible tool temperature

Heating zone: 6 (per Generator, extendable)

Power per zone: Up to 1.5 kW, adjustable

Total output: Up to 9 kW

The following dimensions of our standard cylinders for hot foil stamping are available.

Cylinder diameter from 85 mm

Format range: 12 – 25 inch

Substrate width: 10, 13, 16, 17, 20 and 22 inch

Further sizes upon request

Other inductively heated systems

The induction solution of the inductively heated embossing cylinders can also be used for rotary cylinders in other industrial areas. If a solution for a different rotary inductive heating is required or you want to extend the field of application, please contact us. Together we will find an ideal solution.


Of course, we offer all accessories for the above-mentioned heating systems. These include a smart packaging solution that can also be used for safe storage of the system.



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